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Pain Killer: A Wonder's Drug of Addiction and Death
Newly reissued in 2013, revised and updated. The epic tale of OxyContin and the painkiller boom that has changed medicine and American society. When it was released, the legal narcotic OxyContin was seen as a pharmaceutical dream, a "wonder" drug that heralded a sea of change in pain treatment and generated big profits for its manufacturer. But it soon unleashed a crisis that continues to reverberate across this country.
"Fascinating" .... The New York TImes
"Masterly"...The Seattle Times
"A thriller”....The Minneapolis Star-Tribune
A World of Hurt: Fixing Pain Medicine's Biggest Mistake
A New York Times e-book that explores the untold part of the prescription painkiller story – the growing evidence that these drugs, along with causing an epidemic of abuse, are often ineffective in treating long-term pain and are harming patients.
Experts, including some who once promoted thes drugs – believe that the painkiller  boom “ranks among medicine’s biggest mistakes". Recent studies have tied long-term use of these drugs, particularly at high doses, to addiction, dependence, reduced sexual drive, lethargy and other problems. Based on stories of researchers, patients and others, “A World of Hurt” highlights how treating pain differently can benefit both pain patients and the public's health.



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